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I launched my most recent pet project: 43 Verses. The idea is simple… I needed a place to list all those darned bible verses I'm supposed to be remembering. Well, turns out I have a horible memory when it comes to this stuff, so why not make another Web app to do the work for me?

Less than a day after the launch of 43V, I got an email from a long-time blog reader offering to host the thing on his reseller account (thanks again, Mike). Awesome! We're still working out some of the details, but looks like it's gonna happen soon.

I'll write more about the tech of 43V in a later post… just wanted to get a quick post up here to record the current goings-on in my life. …Oh, and to explain the purpose of this blog. Frankly, I don't care if anybody reads it. It's more for myself I suppose. I need an outlet for all these tech-related thoughts floating around in my head. My family blog will remain for non-geek stuff.

So here I go… polluting the blogosphere with one more set of bits.


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