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Every good Web 2.0 website needs a bookmarklet or three, right? 43V now has a Tools page where I've added a handy bookmarklet that allows you to highlight an on-screen scripture reference and look it up on 43V. Super handy for all those Verse-of-the-day emails you've been getting for the past three years.



  1. Arghh, another term I don’t know. What is Web 2.0? Also, I’m having trouble dragging the link to my links toolbar. Is there some special way I should be dragging?

  2. Read this:

    Sorry, my fault: on Internet Explorer, you need to right-click on one of your toolbars and uncheck “Lock the toolbars.” Now drag the toolbar that says “Links” up to where you can see it (it’s usally hidden at the far-right side of the screen). Delete all the crap that comes on that thing (Hotmail, Windows Update, etc.). Last, right-click the bookmarklet link, click add to favorites, click “Create In”, then select “Links”.

    Or switch to Firefox. :-)

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