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Interesting campaign, but surely they're not implying the BSOD only happens on non-pirated Windows software, are they?

Speaking of BSOD, how did I ever miss this? Classic.



  1. Alright, I’m gonna stir the pot and defend Microsoft. Don’t you think if 98% of the world’s PCs ran a linux or mac os we’d have lots of pictures of a linux/mac BSOD equivalent on flickr? I do.

  2. I don’t know much about Mac, but I’ve never experienced an equivalent on Linux. Sure, programs lock up, but they’re easily killed. Then again, I’m not referring to “this program is not responding” type messages either. I’m talking about those just-lost-everything, whole-system-crashed kind of messages (BSOD). I’ve never had one on Linux. So, to clarify-then-agree, I would say, yes, if more people used Linux we would see more people annoyed with Linux. Just not for the same reasons. :-)

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