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I haven’t actually done anything with the new Mac, but I’ve sure had fun doing it! I’ve been a bit swamped with work lately, so my bandwidth for additional projects is near zero. I’ve managed to install all the geeky Mac tools and surf the web a lot.

Oh, and I worked last night to get all my photos (over 30GB worth!) in one place (on the Mac) so I can start sorting and archiving and such. I’d like to find some good DVDs and burn copies of all my photos and stick them somwhere safe (preferably different places). But with the recent hubbub about average lifespan of CD/DVD media, I’m a bit nervous. Need to do some research. I’ll probably end up writing some DVDs and saving to an external HD, too, just for peace-of-mind.


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  1. Tim,
    I ran across your blog after doing a bit of work on your NLR article at wikipedia. Thanks for taking the time to start it and defend it from deletion! I will try and get the word out a bit that it exists and see if some people will start contributing to it…it could be interesting to see where it goes.

    You should come visit camp sometime if you get a chance…

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