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Greg makes an extreme point to show that people often go off the deep end when it comes to church and Christ + hypocrites. Here’s the scoop for those who haven’t figured it out: People are hypocrites. How many times have you said something but done something completely different? I think if I’m honest with myself, I’d admit it happens about every day.

Every night I think I’m going to wake up early, every day I say “I’m going to eat healthier for lunch.” If we can lie to ourselves on a regular basis unintentionally, why is it such a shocker that people do it in public, too?

I’m sure I have a point in there somewhere… basically, I wish people would give us Christians a break — hold us accountable, yes — but don’t say “I won’t go to church because it’s full of hypocrites.” We’re trying to be full of integrity, but oftentimes our human nature comes out. That’s the real point.


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  1. Monica,
    I guess I can uncerstand where the guy is coming from. Too many times there are people that look down on others at church as they struggle through the process of improving themselves.
    Still others who have been entrenched in a religion for years fail to embrace newcomers, or look at people that are of a different class as “unqualified” to come to church.
    In this clash of cultures, people are missing the most important point, and it goes fo rthe people going to the church and the people that don’t want to go because they feel there are a bunch of hypocrites there.
    Church is not a social club for perfect people, it is a hospital for sinners. As soon as the people inside and outside realize that, it starts to change things a little.

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