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First. What a weird use of my image for a totally unrelated blog post.

Second. The license on the photo is “by attribution” — does the tooltip (the thing that pops up when you hover over something) count?

If you’re going to use someone’s photo, then by golly give them credit (and don’t hide it in the tooltip). If someone wanted to find the Tim Morgan that created that image or where the image came from, they couldn’t from this dude’s blog. I think that’s the point — you link to the place where it came from.




  1. That is a weird use of your picture. It is totally unrelated to his post. I think a nice taken by: Tim the Tim man Morgan or picture by: The Timmy Timster under the photo would have been nice.

  2. Oh, wow. I just accidentally found this by link backs. So yeah, I used your image in my blog post two years ago. You could have contacted me if it bothered you ;-)

    Attribution is in the tooltip not because I want to hide it but because when I tried to put it as a caption below image it totally broke RSS feeds – Blogger’s RSS feeds naively take the first few sentences as a summary and people reading RSS feed would see attribution line instead of actual content. Tooltip seemed like the best option – it’s quite visible, and doesn’t break RSS. I blame Blogger software for that.

  3. Oh, one more thing, in addition to that tooltip I also always change file name to include attribution (the_other_side_by_tim_morgan_from_flickr_cc-nc-sa.jpg), so when someone downloads the photo, they see can easily identify who made it.

    So it’s not like I’m trying to hide anything. Is that all ok with you?

  4. No worries. Don’t really remember now why that bothered me. But I got over it! :-) Please don’t take the picture off.

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