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From my post on Snippets:

First, create a plain Word document with text to replace like this:

Here is some text of my document. This will be replaced with [name]. Today’s date is: [date].

Then, run the following code. The text in square brackets will be replaced with the values in the code, and the file will be saved as a new name.

require 'win32ole'

word ='Word.Application')
#word.Visible = true # uncomment if you want to see it happen
doc = word.Documents.Open('c:\file_to_open.doc')
  'name' => 'Tim Morgan',
  'date' =>'%B %d, %Y')
}.each do |key, value|
  word.Selection.HomeKey(unit=6) # start at beginning
  find = word.Selection.Find
  find.Text = "[#{key}]" # text must be in square brackets
  while word.Selection.Find.Execute


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