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Monthly Archives: February 2008

I’ve been reading the book Advanced Rails by Brad Ediger. I first met Brad way back in 2006 when we were first trying to get our local Ruby user group going. He is a very smart fellow, and his newest book is definitely evidence of that. There’s a lot in there that’s over my head, but that’s nothing a few rereads can’t solve. :-)

The book has everything from optimization to deployment, from security to metaprogramming (my brain is still spinning from that one). Brad does an awesome job of including plenty of code and real-world examples.

If you use Ruby on Rails for fun or profit, this book is definitely a must-buy.

And, believe it or not, this something-other-than-perl-and-php book can be found in local bookstores (Brad V. found this one at the Tulsa 71st B&N):



OneBody now has a real, bona fide blog of its own. Thanks to, creating a new blog is waaaay too easy, evidenced by the fact that I now have 37 (just kidding).

Our little project continues to grow and improve. I’m still waiting on that influx of talented, eager volunteers to make it awesome, though :-) For now, it will continue to be Tim’s pet project, though I refuse to stop referring to the development “team” as “we” and “us.”