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I didn’t find this information anywhere, so here it is for the Google archives…

To get Prototype to run after squeezing it through ShrinkSafe, you need to put back every instance of the variable $super. ShrinkSafe replaces variable names with shortened versions, and because of some Prototype voodoo, it breaks on this one name. There are about 8 places you’ll find it, and unfortunately, it takes some manual hunting once ShrinkSafe has changed a bunch of names, but there you have it.

I suppose someone smarter than I could tweak ShrinkSafe to ignore this variable name, but for me, this works.


I needed a version of Lightbox that handled real web page urls instead of just images, so I hacked it myself. I looked into using Lightbox Gone Wild, but it seemed a misnomer; it’s more like a stripped down version of Lightbox. I like the effects and transitions of Lightbox, so I figured why not start there?

I’d love to show you an example, but I don’t have a host for it right now. Just imagine Lightbox that’s capable of showing any URL you throw at it.

  1. Download the original.
  2. Replace lightbox.js with my version here.