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It occured to me that my gems of wisdom on my Snippets page likely go unnoticed by you faithful blog readers, so you might want to subscribe to my snippets feed as well so you don’t miss beauties like this (yes, I know this will seem lame to some, but I think it’s clever):

class Object
 def in?(object)
   object.include? self

>> 2..3
=> false
>> 1..3
=> true

Jeremy Ruston and Bob McElrath have taken over development of ZiddlyWiki. This is amazing — to see the community value something I worked on for a big chunk of my life and desire that it continue on without me. It’s humbling and edifying at the same time! I wish them the best and hope they can take ZW places I never dreamed of.

I don't know how many people are switching from Python to Ruby these days, but I've learned a bit and thought it would be helpful to a few people if I cross-referenced my Python knowledge to my (growing) Ruby knowledge. I got this idea from James on the OK.rb mailing list.

Part One will focus on where to find what in the Ruby community. With any programming language or framework, you have a set of resources you go to often to find what you're looking for. I had a list of Python-related bookmarks I frequented; now I have a list of bookmarks for Ruby stuff.

One disclaimer: this is not a comprehensive list or comparison. It is just a representation of my Python world cross-referenced with my Ruby world.

Language Reference

Standard Library: PythonRuby
Built-in Classes: PythonRuby


Shell: pythonirb

File Extensions

Standard: .py – .rb
Console-less: .pyw – .rbw
Compiled/Bytecode: .pyc, .pyo – none

Web Frameworks

Beastly: Zopenone
MVC: Django, TurboGearsRuby on Rails
Lite: Quixote, CherryPyCamping

Content Management Systems


Object-Relational Mapping


In the spirit of Release Early – Release Often, I'm posting this in the hopes I will think of stuff to add to it later.