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I haven’t actually done anything with the new Mac, but I’ve sure had fun doing it! I’ve been a bit swamped with work lately, so my bandwidth for additional projects is near zero. I’ve managed to install all the geeky Mac tools and surf the web a lot.

Oh, and I worked last night to get all my photos (over 30GB worth!) in one place (on the Mac) so I can start sorting and archiving and such. I’d like to find some good DVDs and burn copies of all my photos and stick them somwhere safe (preferably different places). But with the recent hubbub about average lifespan of CD/DVD media, I’m a bit nervous. Need to do some research. I’ll probably end up writing some DVDs and saving to an external HD, too, just for peace-of-mind.


I’m writing this post from my brand spanking new MacBook Pro. Man O Man is this thing a piece of work. It’s simply beautiful. It feels solid, yet lightweight. It’s screen is absolutely flawless and can be seen surprizingly well from all angles. The keyboard illumination feature is kick-butt. Typing at night will never be the same (yes I know how to type, but doing programming requires a lot of arrow keys and symbols, and I can’t always find those in the dark).

My additional RAM is in the mail and should arrive tomorrow. I have to say though, I’m running this thing with only 512MB of RAM right now and it still feels pretty darn snappy. I can’t wait to see what it will do with 2GB.

Seems everybody who’s anybody these days is “switching” from one platform to another. Mark Pilgrim switched from Mac to Linux. Jamie Zawinski switched from Linux to Mac. Josh Marshall switched from Windows to Mac. And, well, I can’t think of anyone prominent who switched to Windows, but I’m sure everybody’s drooling over Vista.

My point is, over the last two years, I’ve felt less and less like a “switcher” and more like a tool collector. I think of people like my dad… people who never throw anything away and collect every obscure tool they can get their hands on. My dad had a tool for everything. And he would always know which tool would do the job best in any given situation. I’d like to think I’m similar in a more geeky sense.

I’ve been using Ubuntu at home for nearly two years. It serves me well in most of my tasks.

I use Windows at work. It serves me well in most of my tasks. Being in an all-Microsoft environment, Windows really shines.

Today I bought a MacBook Pro for my personal use. I’m not “switching” — in fact, I hope to install Linux and maybe even Windows on the one machine. Why? Because all three are good. And because Apple hardware is awesome. Apple made a very smart move in changing to the Intel processor.

So the Mac will arrive in four days or so… I’ll let you know how it goes.

It’s official: I’m a sucker.

I got an iPod for my birthday two months ago. And I love(d) it. I’ve become addicted to a handful of podcasts over the past few months and my collection of music has been slowly growing. My car radio has largely forgotten the sound of traditional broadcast radio.

Sad iPod

Yesterday, my iPod booted up with this icon. I took it back to Best Buy to get it exchanged, only to find out the extra fifty bucks spent on “extended service” or whatever they called it means they ship the iPod back to Apple for repair instead of making me do it. Whoopti-freaking-do. No exchange, no loaner. Three weeks without my beloved MP3 player.

Secondly, two months then it breaks!? What’s up with that? This can’t be typical. I hope not. Especially if I only get to enjoy music and podcasts for a couple months at a time with three-week intermissions.

Update: After two and a half weeks, I called Best Buy to get an update. Their response: oh yeah, we were supposed to call you; you can come get a new iPod now. That’s weird.